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Wire Electrical Discharge Machining


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Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

Wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a process of metal machining in which a tool discharges thousands of sparks to a metal workpiece. A non-conventional process, though hardly a new one, wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) works on parts resistant to conventional machining processes, but only if these parts are electrically conductive; usually, they are non-ferrous, and include steel, titanium, super alloys, brass, and many other metals. Instead of cutting the material, wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) melts or vaporizes it, producing comparatively small chips and providing a very accurate cut line. Industry-wide acceptance has led to a wide variety of wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) applications, as it is highly versatile, can cut hard metals, and utilizes a relatively compact amount of workspace.

The Benefits of Using Wire Electrical Discharge Machining


No Impact Cutting

Machining hard materials usually require intense processing, where tools need to be applied with great force and impact to create the desired shape. This has some disadvantages, as impacts can create stress distorting the material while cutting as well as rapidly wearing the tool. This makes traditional machining on delicate parts challenging. Wire (EDM) allows the machining of hard, brittle and fragile materials without impacts and stresses, as long as they are electrically conductive.
cost saving


Better dies and molds can be produced from wire (EDM) cutting for lower cost. Because any electrically conductive material can be efficiently machined using wire (EDM), no matter how hard or fragile, machining takes less time and can be completed in one process. Because of this, wire (EDM) also produces less waste. There is no need for heat treatment or clean up of parts after machining, as wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) can cut through even hardened materials with ease. With a fast turnaround from the machining company, these savings can be passed on to you, for even more cost-effective machining. When choosing wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) processing for your project, select an experience machining company with high-quality machinery for the most accurate, efficient and quality results.

Cuts Complex Shapes Easily

Because a wire (EDM) uses electrical discharges throughout a fine wire, it is capable of cutting precise and intricate shapes with ease, even in the hardest or most fragile materials. Because the wire can create an endless range of different shapes, even minute contours and holes can be created without a need to heat the material for softening and hardening High Tolerances Wire (EDM) is more accurate than laser, flame cut, or plasma. It imparts no force on the part, making wire (EDM) capable of achieving very high tolerances for precise dimensions and accurate fit. This eliminates the need for additional processing and finishing of parts after machining Fast Processing With an experienced and efficient machining engineer, wire (EDM) projects can be set up and completed with a shorter lead time, allowing you to get your essential parts faster. wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) produces high tolerance parts without burrs or distortion; wire (EDM) can produce parts with one step processing, saving you precious time and money.

Applications for Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Die Making

Tool and die making used to cut or shape materials into a solid product. wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) is used to create these dies, despite the size or commonness of the shape needed.

Mold Making

Molds are containers that transform liquid or substance into the shape of the container. A mold’s dimension and depth is achieved with use of wire electrical discharge machining (EDM).

Small Hole Drilling

Without wire electrical discharge machining (EDM), drilling small holes would be difficult. Wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) ability to create small shapes accurately makes it ideal for drilling the exact size of holes needed. In order to achieve these applications, wire (EDM) drills and tubes are necessary. ABF offers quality wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) tubes and supplies that are needed to get the job done right.

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