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Tube Bending

ABF’s CNC tube benders handle everyday bending tasks as well as the most demanding, high precision jobs. These CNC bending machines are perfectly suited for production in any industrial setting including aerospace, automotive, furniture and HVAC.

These CNC benders are designed to US specifications for maximum flexibility. UTE’s CNC benders provide energy efficient production with the most advanced technology and features. Additionally, our CNC bending machines function alone or seamlessly integrate into any production setup. These custom work cells increase production and free up your staff for more important tasks.

Advantages of Tube Bending

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Minimum Setup Time and Repeatable Accuracy

All machine movements are via electric servos. Part bend positions, tooling information, and power parameters are all saved together in the part program. When a job is repeated you simply mount the tools and recall the program. No further mechanical adjustments are needed. This guarantees quick setup and changeover and provides lot to lot repeatability. It also eliminates the need for a bender set up specialist.

Low Maintenance and High Reliability

All electric operation offers simplified wiring and the elimination of hydraulic components. This reduces the need for routine maintenance and provides more consistent bending. The obvious advantage is that the machine is easier to maintain, safer to use and more reliable.


“All-Electric” technology ensures quiet and clean machines.

Minimum Energy Consumption, Up to 5 kW

We have reduced energy consumption with no reduction in bending capacity.

Who We Are

Our Mission

Here are Tube Bending Specialists we are more than just a manufacturing company.

Our Vision

We’ve always believed in deep collaboration and synergy among our team, which allows us to innovate in a way that cannot.

Our Services

We are a leading provider of bending services across the nation.

Engineering Tips For Bending

Bends with a CLR to OD ratio of 2 to 1 or above can be used without a mandrel. For example, a 1” OD with a 2” CLR. Mandrel bending is required for CLR to OD ratios below 2 to 1, requiring higher labor costs and tooling charges. Try to avoid a 1 to 1 ratio as this requires even more expensive tooling and labor cost.
Avoid having tangents of one bend blending into the tangent of an adjacent bend. It is best to have a straight distance between bend tangents so the tubing can be gripped. When one tangent is close to another tangent, special grips are required to grip the tubing.
Gripping and bending of tubing requires significant force. This will cause the wall to stretch and thin around the outside radii, and it will compress and thicken on the inside radii. The tighter the bend radii the greater this condition.
Try to allow for some straight distance from the last bend to the end of the tube. This will allow for the material compression/stretch condition around the tube bend, causing the ends of the tube to become unsquare. If the straight is too close the last tangent trimming & deburring will be required which adds cost, time, and tooling.
This is the condition in which metal wants to return to its original state or condition when bending force is applied. Spring back is a major consideration when selecting bend tolerance. To control this we must compensate by over-bending a few degrees. The harder the material the greater the spring back compensation factor required.
When designing a bent tubular part consider using soft, or annealed, tempered material when possible. This helps reduce spring back, reduces stretch/compression, and prevents wrinkling or breakage.

Industries that use Tube Bending

ABF’s mandrel and non-mandrel tube and pipe bending machines have proven useful across many industries. Whatever tube, pipe, or profile bending you need to manufacture, ABF makes a bending machine that will accomplish your goals and exceed your expectations.

Aerospace and Defense
Ship Building

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