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Tool And Die Making

Tool And Die Making Finishes

  • Diamond Finishes - High Gloss
  • Paper Finishes - Semi Gloss
  • Stone Finishes - Low Gloss
  • Blast Finishes - Matte
Diamond polishing results in the finest finish on molds and components to produce highly visible or lens quality parts. The SPI* A-2 is the most widely used diamond finish, providing good release and good visual parts. An SPI A-3 is a fine choice for release where a high-gloss appearance is not required. All diamond finishes work well with chrome and nickel coatings.
Next to diamond polishing, paper finishes are the second most refined finishes available. Paper finishes can produce a slightly reflective or glossy shine and very good release. They are often recommended for products that do not require a decorative or visual impact.
The most economical finish, stone finishes are also the first step in the process of paper and diamond polishing. Stone finishes provide good release, but deliver very little gloss to the plastic part. This is a good choice for strictly functional molded parts where aesthetics are of no importance.
When done properly, blasted finishes can produce some of the most interesting stipples and textures on mold surfaces. From a fine satin texture with varied degrees of gloss to a flat, no-gloss coarse stipple, Bales has the blast media to produce the proper finish for you. Blast finishes are also an excellent way to camouflage weld repairs and slight imperfections.

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