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Metal Stamping

Our metal stamping & fabrication division supplies quality products around the world. These precision products are used in a variety of applications, from electrical contacts in the Aerospace & Defense industries, to shims within a fluid pump in a Heathcare & Medical device. We can stamp metal and non-metal products in any custom configuration you desire. We provide precision stamping, fine blanking & piercing, lancing & forming, deep draw and other metal working options, all under one roof. And with our extensive network of metal finishing vendors, parts can be provided to you complete, with finishing such as passivation, CAD plate, or whatever your needs may be.

Advantages of Metal Stamping


Cut Complex Shapes Precisely with Metal Stamping

Metal stamping companies have put processes in place to improve precision stamping, even at a micron level. These new techniques are incredibly detailed and sophisticated and can process even the toughest, most complex shapes using today’s innovative technology.

The process involves placing flat sheet metal blanks or coils into a stamping press where a tool forms the metal into a net shape. Achieving the proper final shape may require additional stamping processes such as bending, embossing, stretching, curling, and more

cost saving

Metal Stamping & Production Cost Efficiency

With metal stamping, cost efficiency is one of the biggest reasons why companies are beginning to take advantage of this process. This technique is a major cost-cutting measure because processing time is significantly reduced during this method. Another benefit is the speed of production that comes along with this process. Speeding up the production process requires less machine use, fewer laborers, and reduced labor time, which means your overall expenses will drop.

Receive Consistent High Quality, Precision Parts through Metal Stamping

Among the common reasons for metal stamping, consistently developing high-quality precision parts is certainly the ultimate goal of this production procedure. By comparing the cutting process to metal stamping, people, unfortunately, believe the stamping process is less effective than cutting. This is a fallacy in need of immediate correction.

Some business owners believe cutting pieces one by one is the only way to guarantee precision. But metal stamping has proven time and time again that it is a high-quality process even though multiple pieces are being cut together. The time-saving and quicker production makes this precision process high-value for businesses in need of bulk pieces quickly.

Types of Metal Stamping Presses


Mechanical presses use a motor connected to a mechanical flywheel to transfer and store energy. Their punches can range in size from 5mm to 500mm, depending on the particular press. Mechanical pressing speed also varies, usually falling between the range of twenty and 1,500 strokes per minute, but they tend to be faster than hydraulic presses. These presses can be found in an array of sizes that stretch from twenty to 6,000 tons. They are well-suited for creating shallower and simpler parts from coils of sheet metal. They’re usually used for progressive and transfer stamping with large production runs.


Hydraulic presses use pressurized hydraulic fluid to apply force to the material. Hydraulic pistons displace fluid with a force level proportional to the diameter of the piston head, allowing for an advanced degree of control over the amount of pressure, and a more consistent pressure than a mechanical press. Additionally, they feature adjustable stroke and speed capabilities, and can typically deliver full power during any point in the stroke. These presses usually vary in size from twenty to 10,000 tons and offer stroke sizes from about 10mm to 800mm.

Hydraulic presses are usually used for smaller production runs to create more complicated and deeper stampings than mechanical presses. They allow for more flexibility because of the adjustable stroke length and controlled pressure.

Mechanical Servo

Mechanical servo presses use high capacity motors instead of flywheels. They are used to create more complicated stampings at a faster speed than hydraulic presses. The stroke, slide position and motion, and the speed are controlled and programmable. They are powered by either a link-assisted drive system or a direct drive system. These presses are the most expensive of the three types discussed.

Manufacturing Tools for Stamping

CNC ensures a higher level of precision and repeatability for even the most complex dies. Equipment like 5-axis CNC mills and wire EDM machines can cut through hardened tool steels with extremely tight tolerances.
Heat treating is applied to metal parts to enhance their strength and make them more durable for their application. Grinding is used to finish parts requiring high surface quality and dimension accuracy.
Wire electrical discharge machining shapes metal materials with an electrically-charged strand of brass wire. Wire EDM can cut the most intricate shapes, including small angles and contours.

Industries that use Metal Stamping

The world of metal stamping has evolved dramatically over the past century. The quality and precision that present-day metal stamping provides makes it a pillar for many industries. The advancements in innovation and precision are incredibly substantial, especially when compared to the challenges faced with metal stamping’s distant ancestors, also known as forging and casting.
Aerospace and Defense

Medical and Dental

Oil & Gas

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