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Machining Extrusion

machining extrusion

What is extrusion and extrusion process?

Extrusion is the process of extruding desired cross section with help of the Dies. Metallurgically, Extrusion is the process of heating or plastically deforming material which passes through the Dies of desired shape.

Mainly there are two types of Extrusion process,

  1. Hot extrusion: Hot ingot is being pressured in to dies.
  2. Cold extrusion: the material is being plastically deformed with help of higher pressure. Here the material stays in cold form.

Application of such process is below.

  • We have few customers which we are providing service of Aluminium extrusion and machining of the same. For Automotive companies’ frames, doors body etc.

Here at ABF we make extrusion machining of Bombardier of their snow mobile part.

machining extrusionMachined extruded part.

  • Another major application of extrusion process is in construction and fabrication industry.

Extruded pipes, tubes, C – Channels, I – beams, rods of different sizes and shapes etc. these raw material has numerous applications such as automobile frames, machine frames, mounting of different machines, furniture’s frame, bakery machines, industrial shades, roof frames.

Here at ABF we machine and fabricate the extruded pipes, tubes, channels in-order to construct the frames of Bakery machines.

machining extrusionFrame of the Bakery machine with tubes and C-Channels.

We also do machining of The Extruded part of the TDG (a company who makes train). We do extrusion and machining such as tapping, milling and drilling holes.

Complex extrusion requires special fixtures and Jigs to do machining on it. Such fixtures could be large as 120 inches long bed.

machining extrusionMachining of extrusion on 120 inches long bed CNC router

  • Below Image Shows the machined operation on an aluminum Extrusion. It has drilling, milling and tapping operation as you can see in image.

machining extrusion

In conclusion, Extrusions comes in variety of shapes, sizes, materials and it is widely used in almost every industry from IT industries to medical Industries. Here at ABF, we do more than just extrusion, we do sheet metal, bending, punching, laser cutting, painting, Lathe and milling machining.

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