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Fabrication and Welding

Metal fabrication and welding are a critical part of the manufacturing process. From paperclips to plane parts, it’s used to create a wide variety of products. Metal fabrication and welding are an essential step in creating everything from hardware and tools to car parts and pipes.

Although fabricated metal products are common, few people understand how the metal fabrication process works. Most people think of welding when they hear metal fabrication. But welding is just one process that metal fabricators use.

Different Types Of Metal Fabrication



Commercial fabrication and welding refers to work that’s done while creating commercial products. This category covers goods designed for use by consumers. Appliances and cars are both common consumer products that use commercial fabrication.


Industrial fabrication and welding, on the other hand, creates pieces that are used in other equipment. This equipment, in turn, manufactures consumer goods. Manufacturers use most products of industrial fabrication and welding.


Structural fabrication and welding refers to metalworking that’s done as part of the building process. Usually large-scale fabrication and welding projects create the metal components used by shops, manufacturers, buildings and skyscrapers.

Main Welding Processes

This is the best-known and most commonly used welding form. It’s a fusion method that’s also called stick welding. It involves an electric current and consumable welding rods that act as a filler between the surfaces being joined.
Another common welding method involves combining a tank of oxygen and a tank of acetylene through a torch nozzle. This flame heats the metal while a filler rod allows metal fusion.
TIG welding is called the most refined because of the high-quality results you’ll see from a TIG weld. This is a “two-hand” procedure that involves the use of a non-consumable tungsten electrode to create the weld.
This is a wire-feed welding method with a consumable rod fed from a continuous spool of electrode wire. MIG welding is excellent for thin stock and sheet metal welds.

Industries that use Metal Fabrication and Welding

Metal fabrication and welding has applications in a wide variety of industries. Because of the versatility of tools and processes, it’s used to create parts for industries as varied as agriculture, spa furniture and cars.
Aerospace and Defense
Alternative Energy
Agricultural Industries

Consumer Products

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