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aluminum extrusions

Aluminum extrusions, it’s important to understand the differences between seamless and structural extrusions. Manufacturers and designers are tasked with fulfilling material requirements without sacrificing quality and they need to rely on their supply streams. Aluminum extrusions have a proven track record of being reliable and offering consistent performance over the lifetime of the project.

ABF brings your vision to life with custom aluminum extrusion and machining.

aluminum extrusion

Aluminum, despite becoming a commercially viable material barely a hundred years ago, offers a tremendous amount of flexibility and versatility to the market in the year 2020. With so many high performance alloys available on the market today, there’s almost no industry or use case scenario that can’t benefit from aluminum.

It’s important to work with a knowledgeable and dedicated material supplier who has a strong understanding of all the various benefits of aluminum extrusions and can help match the alloy with the application.

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